All Iowa Spring Men’s Retreat – 2019

If you dig into the Bible, there are stories in there that read like an action movie! But with the pressures of the day-to-day grind… it’s easy to let our spiritual life become boring and predictable. Do you ever wonder if God is calling you to something bigger? Do you ever wonder if God might be inviting you into an adventure?

What might that look like for you?

Ok… the Indiana Jones theme music might be playing in your head right now (because it’s awesome!)… and I’ll be the first to admit that God’s call to adventure may or may not involve a bullwhip, fedora and exploring abandon ancient burial grounds.

BUT… I can say that God is calling you to a “Promised Land Adventure.”

He’s inviting you to talk with Him about what it might look like for you… and then to step into it knowing that He’s with you every step of the way!

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During this retreat, we’ll explore:

  • the adventures God is calling you to
  • how to hear from God more
  • how to be more of the man God created you to be
  • how to be more of the dad, son, husband, friend that God created you to be
  • how to live the adventure while still operating in the “real world”

Plus… we’ll be doing all sorts of fun stuff you have never done at a Men’s conference before:

  • Learn how to drive an 18 wheeler (No seriously… we’re doing that!)
  • Learn to use a chainsaw
  • Learn to start a fire without matches or a lighter
  • Learn to crack a bullwhip (Cue the Indiana Jones music again!)
  • Learn how to make a REALLY good cup of coffee
  • Fly fishing 101
  • Plumbing 101
  • Car repair 101
  • And… a whole lot of other stuff you like to do like golf, firing range, canoeing and more!

No matter what you’ve tried before… we’ll get you the chance to try something new… as well as enjoy some old favorites too.

Either way… it’s going to be an awesome… fun… wild ride.

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If you’ve been feeling like God might be calling you to something bigger (but you’re not sure what it is) and/or you’ve wondered,’Is there something more to life than this?’ then… come.

Or… if you’ve just been longing to hear from God or just wanting a little more adventure in your life… then THIS retreat is for you.

It’s time.

And hey… you don’t want to miss this! (Because we’re not sure the insurance company will ever allow us to do some of the stuff again!!! HA!)

Bring your friends and let’s do this!

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