When Matthews Training International Founder – Mitch Matthews first started his own coaching practice in 2002, he signed up for a big name coaching certification but it didn’t include any business training. That left him asking, “Now what?

When he reached out to the coach training program… they simply told Mitch, “Oh… we don’t cover that.”

So… he had to figure it out on his own, and Mitch is quick to admit he made a LOT of mistakes.

But then an old mentor showed him a specific set of steps Mitch now calls “The Six-Figure Sequence™.”

Mitch is not one to make outrageous claims… but he’s wildly blessed to say that as he started to use this “Sequence,” he was able to leave a “bad-fit job” in the pharmaceutical industry… and build a solid six-figure business!  Not only that but he was able to truly help people he loves to work with.

More importantly… when other Coaches started to use the “Sequence” they were able to duplicate Mitch’s results and make the impact and income too!

So… in 2011, Mitch launched an online training organization to help other coaches.  He wanted them to have more impact and make more money.  More importantly, he wanted them to build businesses they love!

Since then… he’s excited and honored to say… Matthews Training International has been able to prepare, certify and equip thousands of people from around the world to become profitable and effective Elite Life Coaches!

We’re committed to creating and delivering “best-in class” coaching certifications and business training that’s accessible, powerful, effective and instantly applicable!  (Plus, they’re a lot of fun too!)  So YOU can build a business you love and become the WELL PAID ENCOURAGER you deserve to be!

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“Get the training YOU need”


We have Coach Training programs for all levels of Life and Success Coaches! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re wanting to take your current coaching business to the next level of impact and income… we’ve got you covered!

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Reach out below… and a team member will follow up to help you to find the right solution for YOU so you can become the Well Paid Encourager you deserve to be!

“Get the training YOU need”

Mitch Matthews loves training up effective and profitable Life Coaches and Success Coaches.

He loves seeing these coaches thrive as they’re helping people to live their best lives!

But Mitch also has an ulterior motive to training up successful Life Coaches!


That’s right!  It’s because he has an audacious goal of helping to launch 1 million dreams in his lifetime.

Crazy… right?  But crazy fun!

That’s a big dream… and if Mitch has learned anything over the years… it’s that you can’t achieve big dreams alone!  (Can we get an amen on that?)


So… in order to make his dream a reality… Mitch realized he would need to train up an army of Life Coaches and Success Coaches so they could help people from around the world to achieve their dreams!

But… Mitch also knew that these Life Coaches and Success Coaches would need to be fully equipped AND they would need to get paid really well for that work!

That’s a true win/win!  Because as these coaches build profitable businesses they love… they would be inspired and motivated to keep coaching for years to come!

This would allow us to blow Mitch’s “1 million dream” goal out of the water!


So… we’re committed to creating and delivering “best-in class” coaching certifications and business training programs that are accessible, powerful, effective and instantly applicable!  (Plus, they’re a lot of fun too!)

That’s what we’ve been doing since 2011… and based on the feedback… our training is incredible and it keeps getting better and better!


And we believe THIS is what is going to help us to make those 1 Million dreams a reality AND help a LOT of Life and Success Coaches build businesses they love as we do!

Have you been thinking about becoming a Life Coach or a Success Coach?  Would you like to be a part of making those Million dreams a reality?  Click the “Contact us” button below. Reach out and let’s get you the specific steps you need to build a Life Coaching business you love!

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“Get the training YOU need”

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