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“If you want to learn an extremely effective method for dreaming BIG that will also help you to make your dreams com true, IGNITE is the book to get you there!”

– Bob Burg – Best Selling Author of ‘The Go-Giver’

Those Big Dreams Are In There! You just need a bit of a helping hand to take that first step… or that 101st step. You’re looking to re-spark your dreams in a big way, but you don’t know where to start or which step to take first, and it’s so overwhelming that you’re worried that your dreams are beginning to fade away.

Re-Spark Your Dreams Let’s face it. You’ve got things to do. A full calendar. Meetings to get to. Classes to take. Work to get done. You don’t have time to read 400 pages of “how-to” stuff in order to go after your BIG DREAMS and goals in life. What you need are the RIGHT questions to ‘spark’ your thinking… some stories to inspire and breathe new life into your big dreams, and some powerful strategies to turn your ideas into an implementable action plan! Plus, you want to have some fun along the way too. That’s where IGNITE comes in. It’s unlike any book you’ve seen before and it WILL live up to its name in a big way for you.

Don’t waste another moment letting those BIG DREAMS fade away. Take the first step in reclaiming YOUR dreams and buy “IGNITE: 3 Simple Steps for Re-Sparking Your Buried Dreams and Building a Plan That Finally Works” today!

“You know that BIG dream you have that seems unrealistic and unobtainable? It’s not. Everyone has dreams. But few people ever light the spark to make those dreams a reality. Reading this book will do just that.”

– John Morgan – Best Selling Author of ‘Brand Against the Machine”

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