The Coach Mindset – Testimonials


10! No fluff here; I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have been overwhelmed with the amount of resources and the philosophy that underpins Elite Life Coaching. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to be a coach!

Sam – Souderton, PA


Thank you, Mitch, for your dynamic vision in professionally designing this training course that has increased my confidence and validated my desire to pursue life coaching with a passion as an Elite Life Coach! I am extremely excited and thrilled to launch my new career and am committed to providing my clients lasting value. I cherish the opportunity to share in the joy of helping to transform ordinary lives to immensely successful lives with a clear sense of purpose! Thank you for positively impacting and changing my life, and for your vote of confidence expressed in your letter above. Mitch and David, you guys are the best!

Sue – Madera, CA


Elite Life Coach Training and Certification is much more than a 10. It’s simply off the charts! My experience in this course has been phenomenal! As a teacher I loved going to inservices where I could actually take things back to my school that I could use right away. This is far and beyond the best inservice I ever attended! I was using things that I learned in this certification course immediately in my everyday life every step of the way.

Cathy – Brooklin, Ontario Canada


Thank you for putting this transformational program together and sharing your knowledge and “elite” expertise to transform lives! Mitch you and David are an amazing team and have obviously built from your strengths and delivered! Many “take aways” and loved the fact we could go through this whole program at our own pace! This program was awesome for me as a ‘”refresher” and helped me to really key into my “avatar” market and grateful for the basic contracts, exercises & tools shared we are able to duplicate! A lot of great info in marketing & getting basic set up for our coaching practices as well! Looking forward to using “mindjet” and getting my “Authentic Lifeline” coaching practice off the ground!I do have one last request…will you please write a few sentence testimonial for my website? Would be huge coming from an “Elite Coach” and promoting your “certification program” I have just completed?! Yeah I look forward to getting the “official coaching certification” I am so excited to share and change lives… millions worldwide! I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future! Whoo Hoo!

Making a dream a reality!

Crystal – Highlands Ranch, CO


A big fat 10. I really loved the program and have in fact recommended it after recommending the book to a number of friends/co- workers (all Mental Health professionals). I did have moments of feeling overwhelmed but that passed. I loved the call and the webinars are great. I found the live exercises very helpful and would like to see more of them.

Kathy – Penacook, NH

testimonials-davesThe scale only goes up to 10???? … Mitch/David – using your vernacular the course was “wildly” “freakishly” beneficial to me. I’m coming into coaching with an open mind to learn, apply my life skills to coaching and have a new skill that I can help others – my AVATAR. There were many reasons I chose the Coach Mindset program, but one was the emphasis on the business side of the equation. The skills for coaching don’t matter unless there are proven (tested) delivery methods. Clearly defining an AVATAR really, really, did I say really helps … to bring all the coaching concepts together?
Dave – Anchorage, AK

I would rate it as a 10. Having gone about halfway through another coach certification program your program was much more effective at teaching real world concepts, providing a coaching process that makes sense and on providing information and tools on how to launch and run a coaching practice. I feel like I have the basics needed to get set up and go and feel good that as I go that I’ll have access to the on-line course materials to go back to when needed. Thank you giving of yourself to put this together. It was clear throughout the class that you sincerely desired to help aspiring coaches to learn the craft and to be successful. Thank you again!

Tim – Fairfield, CA


“I have been a technical trainer for over a decade and have provided several “Train-the-Trainer” format classes. I have searched long and hard for a life coach training and certification program. I have reviewed the big names with the big price tags, as well as the local talent with certification training. In this process I found the Elite Life Coach Training and became interested in the course offerings. Mitch does a fantastic job at drawing people into the process and involving them in the learning. Any trainer will tell you that it is extremely hard to maintain the attention of another trainer who is sitting in a class. The best compliment I know how to give to Mitch for his classes and format is to let everyone know that these classes are interesting and engaging enough to hold the attention of even the most difficult student.”

Todd – Conifer, CO

testimonials-no-pic“The secret is out! Mitch Matthews delivers in his Elite Life Coaching Program with the integrity and experience that leaves you celebrating the return on your investment. There is no doubt he will give you all the tools to launch your dream!”
Sue – Bend, OR

“I am new to coaching after over 35 years in Corporate America. I chose Mitch’s Elite Coach Training because I believe his Science and Quality based approach to Coaching is right on target. The content of the training was excellent and wildly exceeded my expectations. Mitch is a born teacher. He brings a combination of style (enthusiasm) and content (value) that is unmatched. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the training.”

Tim – Palm Coast, FL


“Mitch is one of the most effective trainers I have encountered. In working with him you realizes his commitment to ensuring his students acquire all the skills necessary to achieve their goals. His style is open, honest and caring – very effective and empowering.”

Cathy – Eau Claire, WI


“When looking into coach training, Mitch’s program caught me. The program is well thought out and Mitch’s enthusiasm and style keeps everyone engaged in the learning and dreaming BIG.”

Dawn – Elkhorn, WI


“I researched other programs and I am so glad I decided on Mitch’s training program! His program covers everything from the smallest details on up to broad overviews and summaries. I feel fully equipped after taking his training and he’s staying within his purpose of helping me & others launch their dreams.”

Felicia – Davidson, NC


“Mitch, I wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have found you and The Coach Mindset Elite Coach Training. It has changed my life. Even before I finished the course I was reaching my weekly target in just one day!!! After narrowing my search, it was obvious that clearly, you were the man for the job. Your passion, sincerity and expertise motivated me to make what I consider one of the best decisions of my career. I wanted to be part of your dream to impact the lives of those around me. Not only is the program completely engaging and accessible, I found the value huge compared to the cost. No other program offers the coaching tools, the theory, the support and most importantly the rock solid business plan that The Coach Mindset does. The 100 List, Two Lists and The Interview gave me the confidence to take on Allies from all kinds of industries and the 8 Months in 8 Days is truly a gift. I don’t have to sell myself because you have given me a language to use that has people asking me to be their coach! I have immense admiration for you and David Nadler. Please keep creating these phenomenal programs. The world of coaching needs both of you!”

Audrey – Toronto, Ontario


“When I found Mitch I had no idea what the training would entail but dove into it with both feet with the hope that it wasn’t going to be a bomb. I had researched several other training opportunities and discovered that what he had to offer was just as good as the others and very affordable considering most were into dollar signs that were just unbelievable. His style is open if not humorous and easy to understand and follow. I took a little longer than most I’m sure but I was so motivated that anytime I reached a point that sparked even more enthusiasm I stopped and researched the area of interest even deeper. I am proud to tell you that I am a certified elite life coach and recommend that you check out The Coach Mindset.”

Jessica – Shelton, WA


“Mitch as a trainer is fantastic! He has really taken his experiences (good and bad) as a coach and created a training program that teaches how to excel and truly serve others as a coach. I love that he talks about the importance of people discovering ideas and solutions on their own…and then expects that of his trainees! He has anticipated barriers that a coach might face, and has created systems and training to overcome them. His training is thorough, relevant, engaging, and down-right fantastic! Mitch as a person is even more impressive. I have been fortunate to have some personal communications with him that have solidified what a sincere individual he is, and that he genuinely cares for people. I have felt his personal belief in me and my ability to accomplish my dreams on my timeline, and have been encouraged and energized by that. He really does believe in people and their abilities, and that comes shining through in his trainings! Thank you for providing such excellent value!”

Lisa – Stettler, Canada


“Mitch is a wildly confident coach himself. He is practical, efficient, and entertaining in training people to become a better coaches. I love his style, calmness, self-assuredness, and clarity. You come away a better person as well as coach.”

Sue – Boise, ID


“I had been researching life coaching programs all over the internet, from Tony Robbins to virtual courses to physical schools. I was becoming overwhelmed with all of the extreme promises and used car salesman ploys. Then, I stumbled on Mitch and the Elite Life Coach training and I was blown away (and that is very hard to do). Mitch piqued my interest and spoon fed me enough info to help me decide that THIS was truly what I wanted to do and he was who I wanted to do it with! Mitch’s casual style and home grown honesty really resonated with me, and I knew that this was my training home. You can feel the true passion and fulfillment that Mitch gets out of helping others to reach their goals, as well as his desire to be transparent and no nonsense at the same time. His clear delivery of training material as well as manuals and videos definitely made me feel like I received more than I paid for, and I appreciate it. Thanks Mitch – you are tops in my book!”

Tiffany – Long Beach, CA


“After looking into Life Coach training for a couple of years and exploring many different programs I stumbled upon Mitch. After listening to his intro videos I was hooked. I’ve just recently completed the Elite Life Coach training and I am really pleased with their approach, style and content. I heartily recommend Mitch and his training to you.”

Donald – Fort Collins, CO


“I loved Mitch’s casual but confident style. I know you will grow and gain great insights from his training.”

Margot – Spokane, WA


“The Coach Mindset Elite Coach Training was truly the best investment I have made.The program is chock-full information… more than you would get attending a college. The online train is incredible – it’s easy to understand and use. You can review the material and uncover more tools each time. In addition, you can be up and running in no time at all. Mitch and David are the real deal… what else can I say I, could go on but then this would be a book 🙂 Love them and would highly recommend any of their training!”

Sharon – Duart, CA


“I have completed Mitch’s Elite Life Coach Training and the education that I received was incredible. Mitch is not only a fantastic teacher and mentor but a true example of someone who “lives” what he teaches. He is an extremely successfull life coach himself and is a truly motivational speaker. I highly recommend the class, not only for the educational content which as I said is incredible, but the support and encouragement from Mitch really defines him. He certainly has moved forward in his goal of making a million dreams come true in working with me. Now I’m living it too! Thanks Mitch!”

Susan – Plainfield, IL


“When I decided that I wanted to become a life coach I searched the internet to look for a coaching certification program that was very informative and pocket friendly. After an extensive search I finally found Mitch Matthews’ Coach Mindset Certification Program. At first I was skeptical in my ability to even be able to coach, but from the first email Mitch had value to his message. The most incredible thing about Mitch’s training style is that I was able see and increase my productivity in several aspects of my life, and I felt more cofident on my ability to becoming a life coach. This has helped me communicate with future Avatar’s (Client’s), improve on making personal decisions, and improved a number of my organizational skills. Not only did The Coach Mindset give me valuable information on how to coach, but gave me great detail on the business aspect of it as well and taught me how to get my business up and running. All the other certification classes that I researched only focused only on the coaching aspect and not the business aspect. I learned more than I could have ever imagined, not only about myself and my ability to coach but on how to start and continue a successful life coaching business as well. Thank You Mitch Matthews for your passion, and desire to help others dream big and succeed!”

Kerry – Port Saint Lucie, FL


“Mitch is a great Coach himself. His ‘Fire’ and passion is addicting and contagious! He is absolutely infected with a positive bug that helped me as a coach in training to get even more excited and motivated to fulfill my goal and the desire to be a great Coach myself. I completed this training, since I have had a great success helping and coaching my clients, with a few of them which still continue to call me and tell me what they are doing since. It’s a great course and will build even more of your confidence. The tools and instructions are mind blowing, some so simple that even your client will comment with “Oh my, I NEVER realized that!”

Hannah – Claypool, AZ


“Mitch is a personable, knowledgeable, passionate person. His training is out of this world. It is clear, streamlined, no muss no fuss! It is right on and applicable. He is the REAL DEAL! Take the Jump and change your life!”

JewelAnn – Bothwell, WA


“A short and sweet testimonial for Mitch. Successful, passionate, authentic coaches need the same from their coach training company, and that’s what you’ll get with The Coach Mindset. You will make mistakes in your business, but don’t let your choice of training be your FIRST one! You can do this. You WILL be successful!”

Steve – Livermore, CO


“No need to hesitate on choosing The Coach Mindset. I looked at dozens of coach certification programs and chose this one because of Mitch’s values, authenticity, enthusiasm and coaching expertise. I came away with more than tools for great coaching – I was able to hone my coaching skills, develop a business plan, and connect with other coaches. Sign up quickly!!! This program will change your life.”

Cheri – Normal, IL


“Prior to signing up with Mitch’s Elite Coach Training, I scoured the Internet and researched other training programs. Mitch’s seemed to offer everything one would need to get their business off to a fast start and for long term success. Plus, his values were exactly in the right place and aligned with my own. I can tell you that he came through on ALL of this. His training is well thought out, fun, and full of tools and techniques needed to be a quality Coach. Many of the other programs offered some, but not all of what you get with Mitch’s training. I’m proud to say that I am a graduate of The Coach Mindset Elite Coach program and know you will be too!”

Gerry – Fairport, NY


“Don’t even think twice about it. If you’re looking for an incredible professional who has the experience and passion to share his secrets of being the most successful and confidant coach you can be – Mitch is the real deal. I’m excited to be in one of his programs now as he is quickly moving me from where I was to where I want to go. Jump in and join the movement. You will be thrilled you did!!”

Larry – Pound Ridge, NY


“I am a graduate of The Coach Mindset Elite Coach Training and have been following Mitch’s training for awhile now. I trust Mitch’s training because you never know how good training really is until you apply it to real world practice. Mitch’s training has come through with flying colors time and again! I’ve returned to Mitch’s training modules many times to find answers to my coaching quandaries. Mitch’s training style is comfortable and relaxed and makes you feel empowered and confident. I recommend his training hands down to any people out there looking to become a coach! “

Ulysses – Naples, FL


“As a graduate of Mitch Matthews’ coaching and presenter training programs, I can honestly say that he covers the full reign of what I needed to get started and be professional. He presents his ideas in a thoughtful, succinct and meaningful manner that touches his audience at every learning level. Whenever I am ready to make another shift in my business or in my life I go back to Mitch’s material and ask myself “what would Mitch suggest I do in this case.” He brings nothing but value and delivers more than promised. You just can’t go wrong.”

Gail – San Diego, CA


“Authenticity. Passion. Know-how. These are the first three things that drew me to Mitch’s coaching style and presentations. As I’ve delved in to more and more of the training, these are things that continue to rise to the surface as he delivers power-packed, comprehensive, and thought-provoking material. Do you want to learn not only what it takes to be a coach but also run a coaching practice? Mitch knows! He’s been there. He’s done it. And he’s trained others how to do it. I looked at numerous coaching programs before Mitch’s, but Mitch delivers the best and most personalized training that I’ve seen. In fact, he over-delivers on what he says. Mitch is truly the coach for coaches! He doesn’t just tell you what to do and how to do it. He coaches you along the process, asking questions that will boost your coaching practice and personal performance from day 1. If you’re considering becoming a coach or improving your current coaching practice, you won’t be disappointed! Sign up now – don’t wait! :)”

Will – Amarillo, TX


“My training with The Coach Mindset has prepared me very well for my Coaching career … the deeper into it I go, the more I realize just how much you delivered. One of the things I really liked about learning from you is that you nurtured us all the way through … you were very present in every module, and quickly answered any questions we had – not that there were a lot of questions, because of how thorough your lessons were … but I give you kudos for the way you continuously ‘showed up’ all the way through, and actually gave us far more than we signed up for. I wish you continued success with the contribution you make to the Coaching Community, and I thank you for preparing me for my new career.”

Lily-Ann – Maple Ridge, British Columbia