A song for Melissa


So… here’s the fun song I got to create for my amazing bride, Melissa.

I was able to co-create it with singer/song writer Jake Bennett.

It’s called “We love each other so well!”

It’s a fun… special song… full of references that Melissa and I might only appreciate.

Heck… it probably boarders on cheesy… but Melissa loved it and that’s all that matters!

Check it out and see what you think.

I’m not going to make a big deal out of it but… I thought I’d share it with you all… just for fun!


I was able to do all of this through a freakishly cool service called: Songfinch.

When you start the process… you’ll pick a genre of music.

Next… you’ll get to find an artist that you like.

Then… you’ll input memories and stories about the person you want the song to be about.

Then… that artist will help YOU to write and produce the song.

Oh… and they’ll sing it of course! LOL!

It’s pretty cool and a lot of fun!

So keep this in your back pocket for that next birthday, big holiday, an annivesary… or just because!


Jake’s a multi-platinum songwriter from the UK.

He rose to prominence upon moving to South Africa as the lead singer and songwriter of indie pop band Early Hours after writing the first song in the country’s history to cross 1 million streams on Soundcloud in 2016. The group went on to become one of the biggest acts in South African history, with 5 consecutive #1 radio hits and 6 more singles charting in the top 10.

As of 2023, Bennett has been working in Los Angeles as a songwriter for major pop artists in the US and South Korea, with songs he’s written having charted on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 in 16 countries.

His work has been play-listed on radio stations worldwide including BBC Radio 1, and have been placed in Emmy and BAFTA nominated television shows such as Made In Chelsea. He has toured with acts such as The Lumineers, The Kooks, Alt-J and MGMT.

Currently Bennett is a writer on the Billboard number 1 album in Japan thanks to his work with K Pop group &Team.

Plus… he was super fun to work with as we created this song!