Please join us for “WE AGREE TO PRAY” in September!

With all the division and wildness in the world,we decided to DO something and we’d love for YOU to be a part of it!

We’re taking the month to AGREE TO PRAY together for 30 days.

We don’t have to agree on everything (politics, Covid, the best way to eat an Oreo, etc.) but for one month… WE AGREE TO PRAY.
Join us for WE AGREE TO PRAY! 
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A Personal Note from Mitch Matthews,
Creator of the DREAM THINK DO Podcast

Obviously, there’s a lot of weird and wild stuff going on in the world right now. There’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of division too. We can all feel it.  

But while I was praying a few weeks ago... I got hit with a crazy phrase.

The phrase was “WE AGREE TO PRAY.”  

Then I got hit with a question. “What if a group of people would be willing to AGREE TO PRAY together?”

Different people, different backgrounds, different favorite versions of the Bible, different thoughts of how a “proper” church service should look, different opinions on politics and politicians, different feelings on the best ways to deal with Covid… differing views on which cookie is best (oatmeal/chocolate chip… obviously!). At the same time… a group of people who believe in the power of God’s love and the power of prayer.

All of those people (yes… us) coming together.

Not to agree on everything… but to all AGREE TO PRAY.  
I started to wonder… “What if that agreement to pray could create some common ground?”  

Then… “What if that common ground could represent a starting place for healing?”  

AND finally… “What if all of those people agreeing to pray together could partner with God to see some cool miracles and amazing breakthroughs happen too?”  

The goal is simple.  

It’s bringing a group of people together who are willing to say “WE AGREE TO PRAY.”

It’s not to sway anyone to any one opinion… it’s to pray together for God’s love and goodness to break through. 

So THAT is what we’re going to do in September.

We’re asking people to join us.  

People from all walks of life and all backgrounds are welcome! 
When you join in, we’ll send you a daily email with some encouragement, a suggested “focus area,” some scripture, and a crafted prayer you can use if you want to. Plus, we’ll share some fun stories along the way!

We’re not sure how many people will join us… but hey... we know AMAZING things can happen when a ragtag crew will agree to come together and pray.  

So what do you say?  

Are you IN for joining us? I hope so!  

And hey… please invite a friend too! #wearebettertogether

Let’s see what happens when an amazing group of people is willing to say, “We may not agree on everything… but WE AGREE TO PRAY!”

Love you all!


If any of the following phrases describe you…
you’re a great fit for WE AGREE TO PRAY:

  • You’re tired of all the focus being put on division and the places where we disagree 
  • You believe that God might just do something REALLY cool if people would AGREE TO PRAY
  • ​You believe that prayer can make a difference (or you WANT to believe it… and you’re willing to try prayer a bit more to see for yourself) 
  • ​You love the stories of what happened when Jesus prayed and you want to see more of those kinds of stories right now (yeah… especially in 2020!)
  • ​You haven’t been praying as much as you’d like to lately (I mean… Covid… right?), and you’re looking for something like this to help jumpstart your prayer life again!
  • ​Deep down on the inside… you’ve been feeling like NOW is the time to pray more!
  • ​You’re not perfect but you know that God works through imperfect people all the time! (I mean… #IloveJesusbutIcussalittlebit)  
  • ​You’d love to see God’s love breakthrough even more… especially right now!

How It Works


Join us for WE AGREE TO PRAY now!

It will be 30 days of inspiration, focus and possibility! Enter your name and email to join today. Let’s see what might happen as WE AGREE TO PRAY!

We’ll share “WE AGREE TO PRAY” stories 
to keep you inspired!

“One specific prayer that helped me to pull out of a dark place was…”
Ben Courson - Author & Speaker and founder of “Hope Generation with Ben Courson”
“We saw an amazing miracle that helped to save a child in Thailand…”
Ashleigh S. Chapman, JD - Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate and Founder of Justice U
“I say all this to encourage you that when God takes you through something it’s never to harm you. It’s to help you prosper…”
Julian Dismute - Speaker & Entrepreneur
“One particular prayer helped me to really learn what it means to partner with God…”
Harris III - Illusionist, Entrepreneur and Author

A few final thoughts on WE AGREE TO PRAY:


Join us for WE AGREE TO PRAY now!

It will be 30 days of inspiration, focus and possibility! Enter your name and email to join today. Let’s see what might happen as WE AGREE TO PRAY!
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