PDJ: Calvin Johannsen

Calvin Johannsen

PDJ: Calvin Johannsen

Calvin JohannsenFor this Project Dream Job Interview… I talk with film maker Calvin Johannsen.

He’s  the Creative Director and founder of The Visual House… which is a kick butt boutique video production company.

Calvin Johannsen

He started from scratch working out of his bedroom… but he’s built an incredible organization that delivers creative excellence.  Now he’s traveling the world and working with non-profits, marketing agencies, software developers and the list goes on and on!

Listen in as we talk about how this creative stays focused, how he decides on the projects he’s going to work on… and how he’s created a life that he loves.


During our interview, we also talk about a new creative endeavor… which is a documentary called “Broke, Busted and Disgusted.”  You can find out more about this exciting project by visiting brokebusteddisgusted.com.

Plus, you can even get on board and help this important film to happen.

So make sure to check it out!


Here’s a few examples of his work…

Here’s another…


Want to find out more about Calvin?  Check out him out on the webs: TheVisualHouse.com.


We’d love to hear from you.  What’s something that stood out to you from this convo with Calvin?  What stuck with you?  Let us know.

Keep bringing your awesome and keep going after YOUR dream job,



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