A Mentoring Cheat Sheet

Mitch Matthews - The Mentor Manager - Cheat Sheet

A Mentoring Cheat Sheet

Recently, I had the honor joining branding guru (and my friend) Drew McLellan on his podcast, Build a Better Agency. and provide a Mentoring Cheat Sheet.

During that session, we dove into the power of mentoring.

Plus, we walked through some of the various forms of mentoring that we teach in our workshop, The Mentor Manager.  (This is a part of a full leadership series called “Leading the Next Generation Workforce.”)

During the interview, I offered a “Cheat Sheet” for leaders that would include a review of some of the specific types of mentoring.  Plus, I wanted to provide some sample questions a leader could use in each of these mentoring scenarios.

So I wanted to make that available here.

No opt-in required.

Click here to download the Cheat Sheet!

If you have any questions… or you’d like to find out more about the “Mentor Manager” and our entire “Leading the Next Generation Workforce” Series with Mitch Matthews, just send us an email at ContactUs@MitchMatthews.com or give us a ring at 800.491.5316.

We’d love to help you take your ability to lead and mentor your team to the next level!





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