Kareem Taylor | “Get Your Life Back!” – Turning Fate Into Fortune

Kareem Taylor | "Get Your Life Back!" - Turning Fate Into Fortune

Kareem Taylor | “Get Your Life Back!” – Turning Fate Into Fortune

In this episode of the DREAM.THINK.DO. podcast, Kareem Taylor, shares how he became a successful voiceover actor, author, blogger, and entrepreneur.

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Like so many people, Kareem didn’t start out with clear goals for his career. Instead, after college, he tried to piece something together.

But then through a series of experiments, he found something unexpected… voiceover acting.

With a cross-country move and a lot of hard work, Kareem Taylor is now not only a successful voiceover actor but an author, blogger, and entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will…

  • Discover how Kareem found his art amid a series of bad fit jobs
  • Hear the ways Kareem got clear on his goals and decided to uproot himself to pursue his passion
  • Learn strategies Kareem uses to combat excuses and work through obstacles that used to hold him back from his dreams
  • Find out how he brands himself & how that’s made all the difference

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