Career Pivot – Figure it out & go get it: Diego Corzo

Career Pivot - Figure it out & go get it.

Career Pivot – Figure it out & go get it: Diego Corzo

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Diego Corzo, a real estate entrepreneur who is well on his way to achieving financial freedom. At just 26 years old, he is pursuing his dream career as a realtor, he’s a partner at Keller Williams and owns several rental properties. Diego demonstrates wisdom beyond his years. In this interview, he shares his story on making a career pivot, finding a great fit job and building wealth.

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Most people don’t achieve their dream job right out of college.  

That was true for this week’s DREAM THINK DO guest, Diego Corzo.

He graduated and got a nice job.  A good job.  A solid job.  Just not a “great fit” job.

Diego knew he needed to make a change but he wasn’t sure what to do.  So he started to experiment.  He started to network.  He started to find work that he loved!

That led to an entirely new career and he couldn’t be more excited.

Now he’s in a job in real estate that helps him to thrive.  Plus, he’s investing in ways that are creating passive income so he can live more of the life he wants. On top of that, he’s a partner of a real estate agency and owner of several rental properties.     

Not bad for someone who just turned 26.

One thing that becomes clear in our conversation is that these early financial successes have fostered his passion for helping other millennials become financially free.  

This episode is full of practical financial tips that are especially helpful if you are graduating soon or early in your career, and want to set yourself up for financial success.  

In this episode, you will…

  • Hear about what I call a “bridge job” is and how it can help you reach your goals
  • Learn how you can create passive income to help live the life you dream of
  • Gain insight into why adding more value can help you earn more
  • Learn about the importance of patience in achieving financial freedom

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