About Mitch

About Mitch

Mitch Matthews is a keynote speaker, success coach and best-selling author.

He speaks to student, corporate, non-profit and association audiences around the world on the power of “DREAM. THINK. DO.”

In 2006, Mitch started the “BIG Dream Gathering.”  Originally, it was supposed to be something his friends and family could do for a few hours to get clear on their dreams, but this simple concept became a movement that hasn’t stopped since!  Thousands of dreams have been launched as a result!

He’s become a well-respected thought leader on coaching and work-place mentoring.  Plus, he has created a coach-training program that has been utilized around the globe.

You can listen to Mitch on his popular weekly podcast called, “DREAM. THINK. DO.” where he inspires people around the world to dream bigger, think better and do more.

Mitch proudly lives a “highly-caffeinated” lifestyle in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and their two sons.



If you’re interested in the “behind-the-scenes” stuff… here’s a little of his back story:

Mitch has always been a little “extreme.”

Went for his “dream job” at 12

At age twelve, he set his sights on attaining his first “dream job.” (Working at a local bike shop) So he spent 2 to 4 hours a every day that summer just hanging out, cleaning, and watching. By the end of the summer the bike shop owner (one of Mitch’s heroes) offered him a job. (It was either that or have him arrested for loitering!)

Attended his first sales seminar at 14

At the age of fourteen, Mitch attended a sales seminar so he could take his ability to sell bicycles up a notch. As it turned out, he was instantly hooked by a new big dream! That was to learn how to speak and present (and sell) as well as the seminar facilitator.

Although it didn’t always make him popular in school, he started to devour books on sales, adult learning strategies and leadership. (By that time he was helping to manage the team at the bike shop.)

Moved to England (solo) at 17

Mitch also had other passions. For example, he fell in love with Great Britain and British history. Even though he’s the first to admit that he’s a “recovering worrier,” Mitch believes in pushing through fear to pursue your passions. So at age 17, he hopped on a plane to live in England for a year. While there he studied both British AND American history. (Yeah… as you can imagine, his teacher had a little different take on the American Revolution.)

Started his first company at 19

After returning, he started to develop his own sales seminars while attending college. In fact, he began offering workshops (complete with people he’d hired to be secret shoppers) to retail organizations when he was just 19.

Went into sales and corporate training

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, Mitch decided to go into the corporate world to learn the ropes of business to business sales and corporate training. During this “season” he won sales awards in multiple industries and became a Program Training Manager for a 2 billion dollar pharmaceutical company. He spent over a decade honing his own selling and leadership skills as well as countless hours teaching on selling, leadership, engagement and training. (He also became completely addicted to good coffee during this time too!)

Launched his own company in 2002

In 2002, Mitch left the pharmaceutical industry to launch his own speaking and coaching company, and he’s been wildly blessed to have worked with clients from around the world and he’s spoken to audiences around the world too!

BIG Dream Gathering Wall

Then BIG Dream Gathering started… by accident

In 2006, Mitch and his wife were working on one of their own big dreams (launching a product) and they experienced some significant set backs in a very short time. Mitch was tempted to give up and go back to something “safe.” But since this was one of his big dreams, he got the idea that maybe some friends could help. Then he started to think that maybe… just maybe… he could help some of his friends with their big dreams too.

1st BIG Dream Gathering

So on a whim, Mitch invited some friends and family to participate in something he called a “BIG Dream Gathering.” Basically, people came to Mitch’s home, wrote down some of their big dreams on sheets of paper and then posted them on the walls. Next, everyone was encouraged to look around at each others dreams to see if they could help anyone. It was only supposed to last for a few hours but it wound up continuing on for a FULL WEEK!

During that time a number of dreams got the boost they needed. One person got $1,000 from a complete stranger so she could go help some children in Africa. Two people connected around a dream and wound up getting a contract with Nike a few months later. Other people just got needed contacts or ideas that helped their dreams to become a reality. And, Mitch and his wife got help on their big dream and we’re able to get their product into stores by that Christmas! The BIG Dream Gathering was a “happy accident” that changed everything.

The “Dream. Think. Do.” movement began

Mitch Matthews DTD tshirt and wall

In addition to the training Mitch was already offering on leadership, innovation and sales, through the experience with the BIG Dream Gathering, Mitch started to see a real need for people to dream… and to dream BIG together.

Now Mitch gets to speak on “Dream. Think. Do.” as well as facilitate BIG Dream Gatherings around the country.

He speaks to students on college campuses about how to get clear on their dreams and goals and build plans that really work. He also offers implementable strategies on how to build networks of REAL relationships that can help to make dreams AND dream jobs a reality!

He speaks to corporate, non-profit and association audiences around the world on the power of “Dream. Think. Do.” as well. His talks and workshops get people dreaming bigger (for themselves and their organizations) as well as thinking better (using simple but powerful strategies) and doing more (of what’s most important)!