378: Finishing the Race! – An interview with Ultra-Marathoner & Filmmaker Chris Ward

Chris Ward

378: Finishing the Race! – An interview with Ultra-Marathoner & Filmmaker Chris Ward

We’re talking with Chris Ward. He’s an adventurer… podcaster… and now… filmmaker!!!  Chris is also a middle school science and leadership teacher in Colorado. He’s also an awesome husband and father to 3 kiddos.

Chris has a fun podcast called, “Like a Bigfoot.” where he interviews inspiring people and adventure athletes on topics like Adventure, Motivation, Mindset, Positivity, Endurance, Health, Perseverance, and Possibility!   

Most recently… Chris is the co-director of his very first movie called, “A Long Way From Nowhere.” It’s the powerful story of a 150-mile “Desert Rats” Stage running race in the Utah desert.

He made this incredible film with his friend… and experienced screenwriter/showrunner Paul Scheuring. It’s so powerful… and inspiring… and we’ll add a link in the show notes so you can watch it.

I’m so excited to have this conversation… so let’s get to it!


Check out Chris’s Documentary: A Long Way from Nowhere

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I loved this conversation so much but… I’m curious. What’s something that clicked with you?  More importantly… what’s something you’re going to DO as a result?

I want to hear from YOU!  

Leave a comment and let’s hear from YOU!

And hey… keep bringing YOUR awesome!!!



Episode Minute By Minute 

  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode?
  • 1:06 Get to know Chris Ward
  • 2:29 A look into Chris’ first movie
  • 6:27 The crazy 150 miles race that changed Chris’ life
  • 12:05 Not everyone finishes their metaphorical race
  • 16:47 How an unlikely friendship led to a life-changing documentary 
  • 27:10 The power of resilience and becoming super human
  • 34:06 Why Chris is passionate about spreading goodness
  • 37:45 The goal of the documentary and a story of true love
  • 42:44 Mitch’s minute and biggest takeaways! 
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