366. Lisa Even – 5 Surprising Keys to a Good Ripple Effect

366. Lisa Even – 5 Surprising Keys to a Good Ripple Effect

LISA EVEN is joining us!  She describes herself as a corporate-world junkie… turned entrepreneur. Lisa offers one-on-one coaching, keynote speaking and workshops… with the goal of helping individuals and organizations to have good ripple effect!

She grew up in a small town in Iowa… and she credits a lot of her success to the things she learned schlepping tables at a little cafe… and she said she didn’t even know how some of THOSE things prepped her to lead large teams in the corporate space…  

In full disclosure… she’s a coaching client of mine and we’ve been working together over this past year.  I tell you this because THAT has given me a front row seat to the awesome things she’s been up to and how she LIVES her brand… by creating a good ripple effect everywhere she goes!  Two more fun facts… Lisa has a monthly joy calendar and she’s on a mission to meet 1 million people.


Lisa’s site: www.LisaEven.com 

Lisa on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/even.lisa

Lisa on the Facebooks: https://www.facebook.com/lisaeven11

Lisa on LinkedIn: Click here


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  • 0:02 What’s inside episode 366
  • 1:28 Get to know Lisa Even
  • 3:40 What the “ripple effect” means to Lisa
  • 8:30 What led Lisa to the Ripple Effect 
  • 16:45 What if JOY was your job?
  • 24:31 How Lisa is connected back
  • 32:40 How Mitch felt at Lisa’s event
  • 35:05 The importance of getting your thoughts out
  • 38:08 Don’t overthink it, just start messy!
  • 40:55 Mitch’s Minute and biggest takeaways 



How about YOU!?  What stood out to you from this conversation?

Also, let’s hear YOUR thoughts, tips and strategies for having good ripple effect and/or experiencing a sense of JOY more often?  

What’s something that works for YOU?

And PLEASE share this very fun/powerful episode with someone who YOU think would appreciate it and/or might be needing it… right now!  They’ll thank you!

Know I’m rooting for you!

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