344: Travis Crutcher – 3 Keys to Breaking FREE from the Past!

Travis Crutcher - 3 Keys to Breaking FREE from the Past

344: Travis Crutcher – 3 Keys to Breaking FREE from the Past!

Travis Crutcher is my guest.  Travis is a Success Coach and Speaker who helps dynamic people get clarity, increase impact, and live a life they love!  He’s a Retired Army Ranger – with some amazing stories of heroism and leadership thanks to multiple tours in the Middle East! 

After retiring and spending some time in the corporate space as an executive… he launched his coaching and speaking business.  I’m VERY proud to say that he’s a member of Acceleration… my mastermind for coaches and speakers. 

And that’s given me a front-row seat to see him killing it with his business and more importantly… he’s making the world a better place!  His podcast “The Above Average Podcast with Travis and Jess” is now in the top 1% of all podcasts!  (By the way… his bride Jess is pure awesome!) 

Travis has a true passion for helping people live their best lives… and as you’ll hear… he’s had to make some decisions to let go of some things in order to live HIS best life.  So we’re going to talk about 3 KEYS TO BREAKING FREE FROM THE PAST!  Because… let’s be honest…

we ALL have things we need to let go of and move past… in order to live our best life!  And this DREAM THINK DO episode is going to help you do it!

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NOTE: I’m honored to say both Amanda (Episode 338) and Travis are amazing members of ACCELERATION – my Mastermind for Coaches and Speakers.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about ACCELERATION send us a note here.


Travis’ Website: www.TravisCruther.com 

The Above Average Podcast with Travis and Jess: www.traviscrutcher.com/aap 

Travis on the Instas: https://www.instagram.com/travis__crutcher


Travis mentioned that BEAST of a vehicle the Army Rangers were tasked with learning and maximizing!  Well, here it is!  BOOM! (Literally!)  



The 3 Keys To Breaking Free are:

  • “Question everything” 
    • Be sure to listen to the interview to find CRITICAL ingredients you have to add to the “Question Everything” strategy to make it work! (It might surprise you!)
  • “Decide” 
    • This might sound TOO simple… but listen to the episode to find out how to walk it out… no matter what!
  • “Rewrite the script”
    • Travis and Mitch both had to apply this KEY and it made all the difference, but be sure to listen to the episode to hear about a potential pitfall to avoid!

I want to hear from YOU!

What do YOU think?  What’s something that stood out to you from what Travis shared?  Heck, what’s something that has helped YOU to let go of the past?  Let me know what YOU think!  Drop a comment below.  I can’t wait to hear from YOU.

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