339: Dealing with the B.S. of your Blessings

B.S. of your Blessings

339: Dealing with the B.S. of your Blessings

With a podcast called “DREAM THINK DO,” it’s not a surprise that we talk a lot about the keys to ACCOMPLISHING our goals and dreams.  But recently, I realized that we don’t talk a lot about what happens when we actually ACHIEVE some of those goals and dreams. 

And let’s be real #realtalk.  We need to celebrate those blessings and be grateful when a goal is achieved and a dream is realized.  AND at the same time… we need to recognize that there can be some challenges that come when we actually receive some of the blessings! 

We can experience some discomfort… heck… even some problems… when some of our dreams are realized.  The very things we’d wanted… the very things we’d prayed for…  can… at times… cause some “stuff.”

You know what I’m talking about.  Those blessings can also sometimes bring some new challenges to navigate. It’s something we’re calling the B.S. of your blessings. 

It’s critical… and we need to talk about how to acknowledge the BS and then what to do with it!  Oh… and we need to have some fun as we do all of this too!  Let’s get to it!

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Okay… if full transparency… when I say “BS” I may not be talking about the “BS” that might come to mind. LOL!  But… I did that to have some fun… and to make this concept even easier to remember.  

The BS I’m talking about is something I’ve started calling: “Blessing Shift.”


Blessing Shift is what happens when we experience some discomfort… some change… some pain… after we’ve achieved a goal or a dream.  We all have to acknowledge that sometimes… some “tough stuff” can come with the “good stuff.”  Right?  

The big thing is we need to ACKNOWLEDGE it and then decide what to DO with that BS.

I give some examples in the episode… of some recent BS that I’ve experienced (with one story involving Hiro) as well as BS some friends and other Dream Think Doers have been experiencing lately.  Then… we’ll dive into the steps to deal with the BS.

STEPS to DEAL with the BS:

  • STEP 1: 
    • Acknowledge the BS
  • STEP 2:
    • ACCEPT the BS
    • ADAPT to the BS 
    • or…
    • ALTER the BS



STEP 1: Acknowledge the BS

  • What are some of the blessings in my life currently (big and small)?  – Feel the gratitude
  • What are some of the possible “blessing shifts” that I might be experiencing right now?
  • Where do I need to acknowledge some of the blessing shifts?
    • Now… pick one to walk through STEP 2 with
  • STEP 2: ACCEPT, ADAPT and/or ALTER the BS
    • Where do I need to ACCEPT the Blessing Shift? (Maybe even celebrate them?)
  • Where do I need to ADAPT TO the Blessing Shift?
    • How could I make some small but significant changes to help adapt?
    • Where could I get some additional training to help me adapt?
    • Who could I be learning from to help me to adapt?
    • Where might I need to give myself a little grace AS I/we adapt?
  • And where do I need to ALTER them?
    • Where do I need to set some new boundaries?
    • What’s something (small or big) I need to STOP doing because of this BS?
    • What’s something (small or big) I need to START doing because of this BS?
    • Do I need to just sell the Mercedes?  
      • (As in… do I need to dump, ditch or delegate the BS?)

NOW… I want to hear from YOU!

Comment and let me know where you’re seeing a “Blessing Shift” right now in your life.  Big or small… what’s an example of some BS for you right now?

Then… let’s keep this convo going.  If you’re up for it… let me know how you are either ACCEPTING it… ADAPTING to it… or ALTERING it.  I can’t wait to hear from YOU on whether this resonated WITH you… helped you or offended your delicate sensibilities. (LOL!) 

Let’s have a BS CHALLENGE!

As we’re ramping up for the big THANK YOU DAY of Thanksgiving here in the US… I thought it might be a good time to explore the potential BS in our lives. 

I mean… what if we got people talking about what they’re grateful for AND we got them talking about how they’re either ACCEPTING, ADAPTING to or ALTERING any BS they’ve been experiencing this year.  Heck… it could be gooooood.  Right?

So… invite a friend or some family to this episode and have a little discussion about the BLESSINGS from this year as well as some of the BS that may have hit too! 

Then talk about some of the ways you want to Acknowledge… Accept… Adapt and/or Alter those amazing freeeegin’ blessings in your life!  

Tag me… and/or share the link for the episode and include a hashtag #blessshift and let’s see where this goes!  You in?  I hope so!  #letsdealwithourBS 🙂

  • Barbara May
    Posted at 09:50h, 29 October Reply

    Hi Mitch! I just posted a live on my business Facebook page all about this podcast! It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I also posted on my regular page. I am so fired up by this concept and will be adding working with B.S. into all my coaching and probably life relationships, too!!
    Thank you for what you do in the world! You are a huge blessing to me!

    • Mitch Matthews
      Posted at 10:50h, 30 October Reply

      Thanks so much Barbara! Sooooo glad to hear it connected! Yup… that BS exists and we’ve got to take care of it… right? 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word! I appreciate you!!!

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