327: Kim Kaupe – Win Friends Influence People V2.0

Kim Kaupe- Win Friends

327: Kim Kaupe – Win Friends Influence People V2.0

Kim Kaupe is my guest and she’s one of the hardest people to introduce… because her background is sooooo diverse and freakishly cool… it’s hard to encapsulate.  BUT… I’m going to try.  In short… she’s a dynamic female entrepreneur.

She has her marketing agency called “Bright Ideas Only.”  Through that… Kim has helped people and brands like Oprah, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The New York Mets, ACE Comic Con, Miller Coors and KISS to create raving fans!

Now… she’s taking what she’s learned and applying it to help individuals to grow their networks and relationships.  Call it an updated and revised approach to “Winning Friends and Influencing People.”

We dig into her specific strategies so you can spread your ideas, grow relationships and get your dreams done!  Let’s get to this.
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Kim’s website: https://kimkaupe.com

Kim on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimkaupe

Mitch on Kim’s Podcast: https://kimkaupe.com/mitch


Antonio Neves – A Bolder Happier You: https://mitchmatthews.com/307

Mitch Matthews – How to Meet 50 Really Interesting People This Year: https://mitchmatthews.com/255

3 Keys for Meeting New People: https://mitchmatthews.com/nice-to-meet-you-3-keys-to-meeting-new-people


With all the wildness that COVID brought… Kim Kaupe uncovered a superpower. 

In addition to helping celebrities and major brands grow a relationship with their audience… she’s also started to help individuals harness the power of building relationships and influence.  

Not by generating millions of followers on Instagram… but by being intentional about what you’re putting out on social media and online… as well as how you’re showing up for people in day-to-day life.  I think of a lot of what she’s doing as “How to win friends and influence people… version 2.0.”

She’s doing all sorts of innovative things… like her weekly LIVE podcast called “Coffee with Kim.”  Which by the way… I was recently on and I loved it!

Kim also has created courses that run in partnership with LinkedIn… and about 200,000 people have utilized those!!!  So THAT’s huge.

Plus… I’ve got to say… that if name-dropping past clients like Oprah and Katy Perry isn’t enough to establish her street cred… Kim’s also been named to:

  • Forbes 30 Under 30, 
  • Ad Age 40 Under 40 
  • Inc. 35 Under 35
  • PLUS… she’s been on Shark Tank 
  • & a judge on the Miss USA Pageant

Lastly… I’ll just say that friend and past Dream Think DO guest Antonio Neves introduced us a few months ago… and since that time Kim’s become one of my favorite humans on the planet!  So I can’t wait to get to this!


  • 0:01 What to expect today
  • 1:39 Get to know Kim Kaupe
  • 4:18 Conversation starts
  • 6:46 How entrepreneurship found Kim
  • 11:50 Two winning strategies to build influence 
  • 16:31 The importance of growing in influence 
  • 20:57 How Kim is helping high-performers convert more
  • 27:57 I know my superpower – now what?
  • 32:40 Get quite and get away from the noise
  • 35:18 Why you need to be on LinkedIn now
  • 44:15 Helping others always helps you
  • 46:48 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


What did YOU think?  I want to hear from YOU!  

Which strategies stood out to you?  Where are you needing/wanting to work on your growing your influence and being more intentional about building your network and developing new relationships?  

What’s something that really resonated with you (big or small)?  And… most importantly… what’s something you’re going to DO (big or small) as a result?  

Seriously… let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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