311: It’s Time to Dream Together

It’s Time to Dream Together

311: It’s Time to Dream Together

Okay… it’s time to DREAM TOGETHER!  This is a REALLY special episode.  That’s right. We’re marching towards our big audacious goal of launching 1 million dreams in 2021! 

And in THIS episode… we’re launching our new app called, “Dream Together,” which is going to help us all to connect and help each other to pursue and achieve our dreams and goals this year!  Now… it’s DREAM THINK DO… so we’re also going to talk about the power and the importance of not going after dreams alone. 

That’s right.  We’re going to share some fun stories and offer some powerful strategies to help YOU (whether you use the Dream Together app or not) to get clear and achieve more of your dreams and goals in 2021!  You in?  I hope so. Let’s get to this!

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  • RESOURCES:  THE “DREAM TOGETHER” APP IS HERE! That’s right! The beta version of our DREAM TOGETHER App is finally here!Dream Together App

The “Dream Together” app is designed to help you clarify your goals as well as connect with like-minded individuals so you can “dream together” to make those dreams (big or small) a reality!

We’re working hard to grow this in a way that attracts people from around the world who really want to encourage each other and work together to make dreams happen. So… everyone needs a group code to join!


Since you’re a DREAM THINK DO listener… you can join with the code: dreamthinkdo.


STEP 1: Download the app.

  • Find “Dream Together” for your Apple Device: HERE
  • Find “Dream Together” for your Android Device: HERE

STEP 2: Sign up and enter the group code: dreamthinkdo

STEP 3: Be inspired by the dreams that are already there.  Then… follow and encourage a dream or two!

STEP 4: Post at least one of your own dreams… and then invite friends to join you so you can DREAM TOGETHER!

MORE ABOUT THE It’s Time to Dream Together EPISODE:

As a DREAM THINK DO-ER… you know that we can’t go after dreams and goals alone.  There’s a VERY good chance… you’re going to need some help along the way.  But asking for help… doesn’t mean you’re weak!  It can actually allow others to shine!

I talk about this in-depth in the episode but here are a few of my favorite quotes on this subject.

“You can do what I can not do.  

I can do what you can not do.  

Together we can do geat things!”

– Mother Theresa 


What is the bravest thing

Charlie Mackesy’s book, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse.”

It’s true.  Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak.  It means you are brave!  It means you’re brave enough to acknowledge we’re not supposed to do this alone!

I tell some stories during the episode.  

Here are a few pics but you’ll have to listen to get the FULL story on each! 


Meet Mia.  She wanted to write a book (at 9 years old) but she wasn’t sure.  She was scared.  She was nervous.  But she was willing to “Dream Together.”  And when she did… a group of fellow dreamers (and her mom Karena) encouraged her to do it.  So… she did!  And got it done in one year!  Plus… be sure to listen in to the episode to hear what Mia and her mom did next!

Mia 9 years old writer


Then there’s THIS motley crew of dreamers who all decided they wanted to skydive… BUT they also realized they probably wouldn’t do it if they didn’t do it TOGETHER!  Did they ALL do it?  Well… you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear how it went.


Dream Together


And then there’s Mandy.  When she originally posted her dream of helping kids in Africa… it felt a little bit like saying she wanted to visit the moon!

  She didn’t have a plan, the time, or the money… but she was willing to put it out there!  As she did, Mandy received some help from some unexpected sources and it changed her world!  Plus, it changed the lives of the people who were willing to DREAM TOGETHER with her too!


By the way… it’s been a few years since Mandy’s first trip to Africa.  But you’ll have to listen to the episode for a VERY special update to THIS dream!  Trust me… it’s absolute proof that you just never know where a dream might lead you.


Then… there’s these two.  They didn’t know each other before coming to a BIG Dream Gathering we held at the University of Reno.  BUT because they were willing to share their dreams and be bold about where they needed help… they found each other!  As they did… they realized they had “complementary dreams.” 

One wanted to be more intentional about her fitness and overall health and the other wanted to experiment with wellness coaching.  The best thing is that as they started to help each other out… they also got to have some fun and become friends in the process!  Again, you just never know where YOUR dream journey may take you… especially when you’re willing to DREAM TOGETHER!

Those are some of the stories of what can happen when you dream together.

What might happen as YOU start to give yourself permission to set some goals and start in some small but significant way?  Let’s find out!

But again… don’t do it alone!  Let’s DREAM TOGETHER!


STEP 1: Download the app.

  • Find “Dream Together” for your Apple Device: HERE
  • Find “Dream Together” for your Android Device: HERE

STEP 2: Sign up and enter the group code: dreamthinkdo

STEP 3: Be inspired by some of the dreams that are already there.  Then… follow and encourage a dream or two!

STEP 4: Post at least one dream and invite some friends to join you! 


How about it?  Do you agree that it’s important to not go after dreams alone?  Why do YOU think it’s important?  What are some ways you invite people into your dream journey?  More importantly… how do you encourage others to dream?  I want to hear from you and hear YOUR stories!  Comment below and let me know.

Plus… let me know your thoughts on going after this crazy goal of helping to launch 1 million dreams this year?  What do you think?  Are you in?  Do you think we’re crazy?  Who’s someone that YOU are inviting to join us?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I can’t wait to hear from YOU!  #letsdothis 


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:21 Welcome to 311!
  • 0:52 Drum roll, please… The app is here!
  • 2:00 “Progress, not perfection”
  • 3:16 Let’s talk about our big goal
  • 5:51 The story of David and Goliath and how it applies to every dreamer
  • 10:33 What if we did dream together this year?
  • 13:02 One of Mitch’s favorite Big Dream Gathering stories
  • 16:39 You never know what dreams people will share
  • 19:18 When one of the first Big Dream Gathering dreams came true
  • 25:41 There is always a ripple effect to every dream
  • 26:31 Make sure you are asking for help along the way
  • 31:42 Experimenting with your dreams
  • 33:24 Be open and be curious
  • 37:29 A deep dive into our app
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