Katy Kvalvik – Finding Peace During Adversity

Katy Kvalvik- Finidind Peace during Adversity

Katy Kvalvik – Finding Peace During Adversity

Katy Kvalvik is our guest.  A few years ago… two consecutive accidents caused Katy to sustain multiple life-altering injuries that forced her to relearn almost everything… including how to walk.  As you can imagine, that experience of intentionally needing to put her mind and body back together inspired her to embark on an international journey to learn holistic mind, body, and spirit wellness. 

Today, Katy has dedicated her life to sharing everything that she’s learned to empower others in their own wellness journeys… as well as finding peace no matter what… whether that’s in the living room or the board room. We’ve got lots to dig into… so let’s get to this.

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In the episode, we dig into powerful and specific strategies to help you achieve a sense of peace and presence… no matter the situation.  (Yeah… even in 2020!)

One of the surprising but powerful concepts Katy brings up is the importance of effective listening.  Which makes sense… right?  Better listening = better relationships… which helps bring a sense of peace.  Also, effective listening can = being more present.  So, although I’d not really thought about it… but listening is a key strategy when it comes to having a sense of peace and being fully present.  

Here’s a bit more of what we talked about: 

Four Stages of Listening:

Stage 0: This is when no listening is happening. Only speaking. Everyone’s talking but no one is listening.  Ever been there? #nopeace 

Stage 1: Subjective Listening

This is the stage where 95% of conversations happen. We take in information subjectively and only hear it through our own experiences.

Stage 2: Listening but Not in the Present Moment

In this stage, some listening is happening, but we’re distracted. We’re not really WITH the person who’s talking.  And as you know… this can totally create a disconnect and can even induce a sense of anxiety or anxiousness.  

Stage 3: Objective Active Listening

This is where the listener is completely focused on the other person. This is a great stage for problem-solving because you’re looking at the facts of what is being said.

Stage 4: Intuitive Listening

This is the highest stage of listening.  It happens when the listener is really honing in and connecting to the real message of the conversation. The listener is paying FULL attention to the words as well as the body language, tone of voice, energy level, etc. As you can imagine, true intuitive listening is listening between the lines.


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:55 When everything changed for Katy
  • 4:45 Being internally committed to healing
  • 6:40 What Katy has learned during the pandemic
  • 7:47 How to get clarity
  • 8:37 Breathing and meditation
  • 11:31 How to be a better listener
  • 13:44 How breathing and listening are connected
  • 15:02 Strategy to help with resilience
  • 17:02 Get in contact with Katy
  • 28:57 Mitch’s biggest takeaway


What did you think of what Katy had to say?  What’s something you’re going to experiment with based on the convo?  I want to hear from YOU!  Leave a comment below and let me know.

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