Ashleigh S. Chapman – Ending Human Trafficking in our Lifetime

Ashleigh S. Chapman

Ashleigh S. Chapman – Ending Human Trafficking in our Lifetime

Ashleigh S. Chapman is our guest today.  Ashleigh is a human rights lawyer and an expert on human trafficking. She’s been working hard for the past 20 years to protect the most vulnerable populations.  Among her many efforts… Ashleigh is the founder of Justice U™ which is an online learning platform that delivers training from some of the top experts in the anti-trafficking movement… and delivers it in a way that everyone to better understand the specific things they can do to help end human trafficking.  She’s working domestically and internationally.  For example, Ashleigh has helped the Senate of Mexico establish their first comprehensive legislation to combat human trafficking.  She is serving as an advisor to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee to create the “End Modern Slavery” Act.  Shes helping to establish the Freedom Council which is an assembly of business leaders and global companies dedicated to the cause of ending human trafficking.  And she’s led training in over 100 cities and in eight different nations.  Absolutely amazing work. I can’t wait to dig into how this all got started… what’s she’s learned so far and to get her perspective on what’s next!  Let’s get to this!



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Ashleigh is the founder of Justice U™

Justice U™ is an online learning platform that quickly delivers knowledge from experts in the anti-trafficking movement to massive audiences who need it, with the tools every modern learner needs today. Built to help anyone with a desire to make a difference. 



Welcome to episode 286 of DREAM THINK DO!  We’re digging into a wildly important subject today, and I’ll be the first to admit… it’s a heavier subject. 

But… as you know with dream think do… we don’t shy away from important topics… especially if we can help you to see some places where you can be making a difference.  AND… if we can share an inspiring story.

In this episode… we get to do both.

The topic is ending human trafficking in our generation.

The story is of one person who decided that even though she’s just one person… she thought she’d try to make a difference right where she was at.  And as you’ll learn… she started small and now she’s helping whole countries on initiatives to stop human trafficking.  It’s an amazing interview and I think you’re going to love it.

By the way, while more and more people are becoming aware of the presence of human trafficking, very few understand it. Therefore, very few know how to stop it. Get these statistics: 

  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion-a-year industry 
  • It happens closer to home than one would imagine, affecting more than 40 million people worldwide
  • That means human trafficking impacts 1 in every 200 people

Whether you’ve got a passion for helping to end human trafficking… or like our guest… you might feel called to take on a challenge that seems insurmountable… I’m betting today’s episode will inspire you to start small… and to keep moving forward on that dream to make a difference! 


  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:40 Meet Ashleigh
  • 4:03 How Ashleigh became passionate about fighting human trafficking
  • 9:06 What human trafficking looks like in 2020
  • 12:11 The most trafficked demographic
  • 14:01 How you can create change in your area
  • 17:44 Tips for prevention
  • 26:45 What to do when your dreams feel too big
  • 30:04 How to get involved
  • 31:18 Mitch’s biggest takeaway
  • 32:32 What’s coming up on DTD


What stood out to YOU from this conversation with Ashleigh?  Was it a statistic about human trafficking?  Was it a specific approach?  Or was it a story?  Let me know what you connected with!

I want to hear from YOU!  Leave a comment below.  Let’s keep this important conversation going!  

Speaking of that… please share this episode too!  THANKS!!!

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