Jake Thompson: BEAT Pandemic Fatigue! [A Guide to Survive and Thrive!]

Jake Thompson interview with Mitch Matthews

Jake Thompson: BEAT Pandemic Fatigue! [A Guide to Survive and Thrive!]

Jake Thompson is an entrepreneur, performance coach, podcaster, speaker, and author.  He’s also the CEO of Compete Every Day… a training and performance apparel company with kick-butt clothing to help you stay healthy, motivated, ambitious, and hungry! 

His podcast is called “Compete Every Day,” and he interviews competitors from all walks of life and they talk about the specific things they do to win and succeed.  And lastly, Jake’s brand new book was just released and it’s killing it.  The book is called… surprise… surprise… “Compete Every Day.”  

In it Jake shares the seven key choices leaders and globe changers can make to enhance their focus, increase their success, and win at work and life… EVEN during a pandemic!  We’re going to talk about what it means to COMPETE EVERY DAY… and how we can make some KEY choices to help us succeed more… and live more of the life we were meant to live!  I’m so looking forward to this so let’s get to it!

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Welcome to episode 281 of DREAM THINK DO.  I’m so stoked to get you this interview… because in it, we’re going to get you some specific ways to beat “Pandemic Fatigue.” I mean seriously… beat it back with a stick!  We’re going to dig into some strategies to help you not only survive… but thrive… RIGHT NOW.

Honestly… that wasn’t what I was originally planning to focus on in this interview… because we’re talking with an expert on competition and resilience.  This is a guy who helps athletes… as well as people from all walks of life… perform at their best.

But when we started to dig into some of the specific things top athletes do to perform at world-class levels… we started to bring the conversation to applying them to help you to navigate some of the rough stuff that’s hitting us right now.

Whether you want to call it “Pandemic fatigue” or “COVID fatigue” it’s rampant.  It involves the feelings of being drained, overwhelmed, frustrated… especially because we’re not sure when all of this stuff is going to get better.  And if we let it… pandemic fatigue can totally drain our energy… our creativity… our performance.  And heck… even our ability to experience joy and peace.

Well… if you can relate to this… and… deep down… you’ve been looking for some solutions… I can’t wait to get you this episode.  I can tell you that when I got done with recording the episode… I started to apply some of the things we talked about IMMEDIATELY.  And I can say that it’s already started to help.  And that’s what I want for you.

I’m hoping you listen and then set an intention to do something new.  Something small but significant to not only survive but thrive… EVEN now!  So let’s do this!


  • 0:02 What is going down today
  • 2:46 Get to know Jake Thompson
  • 4:00 Conversation starts
  • 4:42 The difference between competition and comparison
  • 7:32 When Jake found that personal competition is key
  • 15:57 Perseverance and grit
  • 20:28 How Jake has coached his team during the pandemic
  • 20:23 Staying focused on your priorities and goals
  • 29:30 Final thoughts
  • 30:46 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



What do you think?  What stood out to you from this convo with Jake?

I loved each of his suggestions… but one specific thing I started to do IMMEDIATELY was to put some specific stuff on my calendar to look forward to.  Things for work.  Things for family and friends.  Quick adventures.  They don’t have to be BIG things (although I did schedule some ACTUAL travel – don’t worry… I’ll do it safely!). 

They can be small but intentional things.  But I can already feel a difference.  Those milestones are SO important… especially right now! 

What did you dig?  What did it stir up? I want to hear from YOU! 

Comment here or you can connect up with me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know.  

I can’t wait to hear YOUR thoughts!

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