You Can Always Find A Way!

Jeffrey Morris Interview with Mitch Matthews

You Can Always Find A Way!

My guest is Jeffrey Morris.  He’s a writer, director, and futurist.  Jeff’s next film is a neo-classic space adventure called “Persephone.”   It’s starringOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood’s” Emile Hirsch, “Deadpool’s” Brianna Hildebrand, “Weed’s” very own Mary-Louise Parker, and “A Clockwork Orange’s” Malcolm McDowell.  Since a very early age, Morris has been devoted to not only science fiction… but science itself — focusing his passion on space exploration, oceanography, and meteorology. 

Jeffrey Morris channeled these passions into his creative endeavors, which were elevated over the years as he learned storytelling, illustration, and film production. In addition to making films… Morris has created a number of books, documentaries, music videos, and apps.  In this interview, we walk through his journey… but we also talk about how he’s able to always find a way. That includes that Jefferey is doing all of this… not from Hollywood or New York… but from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s doing amazing things… and doing them on his own terms.  You’re going to love him… so let’s do this.



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  • 0:02: Intro
  • 1:10 What every coach needs to know
  • 3:50 Get to know Jeffrey
  • 5:46 How Jeffrey fell involve with SiFi
  • 9:07 How to help your kids dream
  • 14:00 How Star Wars effected us
  • 17:43 Spaces is our future
  • 22:08 What it was like pitching ideas to Hollywood
  • 24:57 Jeffrey’s new movie premise
  • 31:32 The greater reality
  • 38:00 Creating a pivot plan
  • 42:42 Teaser for Jeffrey ’s upcoming projects
  • 43:50 The blessing of unanswered prayers
  • 46:24 Wisdom of the week
  • 48:30 Mitch’s biggest takeaways



So… what stood out to you?  A story? His outlook on finding a way?  His passion for science? Or… let’s be real… his thoughts on Star Wars.  (Wow… my brain is still buzzing from that part of our convo!) I’d love to hear from YOU!   Leave a comment below and let me know!


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