The Art of Powerful Introductions

The Art of Powerful Introductions with Mitch Matthews

The Art of Powerful Introductions

This week we’re doing a deep dive into “The Art of Powerful Introductions.”  Seriously… you’ve worked hard at growing your network of awesome people… but one of the fastest ways to hurt that network is to violate trust and to T-up an unsolicited introduction.  It’s like we talk about in the episode, an unsolicited introduction is like giving someone a gift of a surprise puppy. LOL. That’s right… who doesn’t love a puppy? BUT… if you give it to someone who isn’t expecting it… a cute lil’ puppy can be a problem… right? 

If we hand a busy person an unsolicited and/or poorly set up introduction… we can create problems and hurt our relationship with them. So in this episode, we talk through the 4 C’s of Permission-Based Introductions. These “C’s” will help you to set up introductions that lead to more success for everyone involved!  AND… they help to build trust and connection with your network too! So listen in to learn the 4 C’s and stop giving surprise puppies!!!



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All right. Dream Think Do-ers – this episode is a deep dive. 

So we’re talking about the “4 C’s of Permission-Based Introductions.”

The 4 C’s are:



Be a blessing, not a curse.  As for permission from BOTH parties before you make an introduction.  In other words… don’t give a “surprise puppy” as a gift!



As you make the introduction (with permission) be sure to honor each person with a few heartfelt and authentic compliments that help to showcase the person’s talents.



ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give some context to why you think the introduction is important and why you think the two people should meet.  Don’t make them guess. This helps to give them a starting place to work from and saves them time.



Free them of any expectations from you.  Let them know you’re rooting for them but you’re bowing out and you’re setting them free to do what they want with the connection!  



“When you surprise someone with an introduction, 

it’s a little bit like giving a puppy as an unexpected gift!”


What do you think?


Do you agree or disagree?


What’s something you’re going to try/tweak based on this episode?


Leave a comment and let me know!



  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 3:12 Protecting your network
  • 6:14 Why you don’t want to give a puppy
  • 10:29 Busy people get stuff done
  • 13:03 Be a blessing, not a curse
  • 17:07 The power of honor
  • 22:13 Cut them loose from expectation
  • 25:49 One of Mitch’s most powerful connections


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