20 [Really Good] Questions with Mitch

20 [Really Good] Questions with Mitch

This week our guest is Mitch Matthews. I know… I know. You might be saying, “But you’re the host. So how does that work?” Well, one of my coaching clients wants to have her own podcast someday. So I let her interview me as an “experiment,” and she did such an incredible job… I wanted to share the conversation with you. We’ll call this episode “20 [really good] questions with Mitch Matthews.” We dive into questions around breaking through fear, how I got into the speaking/coaching business, when I started dreaming (this one might surprise you) and how I freaked out my parents when I was a kid (which might help you with your kids, too!).


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Okay… so we’re taking a little different approach to this episode and here’s the back story.

You guys know that I’m a success coach and I work with people one-on-one to help them get clear on their goals and dreams… and then help them to build a plan to walk it out.

As we do that… my client and I work to create experiences and challenges along the way to help them experience versions of their dream. This process often allows them to “take their dream for a test drive,” and see if they actually enjoy it.

Recently… one of my coaching clients… an incredible person named Cheri Judd… mentioned that she thought about doing a podcast someday.

She’s got a great heart… she’s awesome at asking questions… and she’s naturally curious… so it seemed like a great fit. And since we’re always looking for ways to experiment with dreams… I volunteered to be a guest… and I had her interview me as if she would for her future podcast.

So… yeah… we did it as an experiment.

What’s really cool was… she was awesome. She asked some great questions and it was really fun. Plus, she got me to think about some things and tell some stories… I’ve never told on DREAM THINK DO… or ANY podcast I’ve ever been on.

Originally… the idea was just to do the recording for practice… so we didn’t really concentrate on sound quality or a big fancy intro. We just kept it really simple.

BUT it was a great interview. We celebrated and it really confirmed that she was on to something because she really enjoyed the experience too.

Well… in the past few weeks… as we’re getting closer and closer to the mile marker of episode 250… a number of you suggested that I turn the mic on myself and have someone interview ME on DREAM THINK DO.

And that got me thinking about Cheri’s interview.

It was so fun and she did such a great job, I thought that might be perfect!

Plus… I think this will be really encouraging for Cheri to have the world hear her facilitate an interview too. I think it will fuel that fire.

Plus, you guys can let her know that she really is good at this.

Now… again… we didn’t focus on sound quality… so it’s not up to our normal standards on that front… but as long as you can put up with that… I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation.

And my hope is… that as you hear a little more of my story… it’ll inspire you to push through some fears… because as you’ll hear… I had a LOT of them… I hope it will help you think about some of your own dreams and goals… AND… to be grateful for the people who have helped you along the way!

So let’s get to this…


Quick Episode Summary:

  • 0:02 What to expect today!
  • 3:40 Mitch’s background
  • 6:47 What Mitch learned from his first job
  • 14:07 What Mitch went to college for
  • 15:44 Mitch’s love for England
  • 19:02 How Mitch discovered his passions
  • 22:43 When Mitch started chasing his dreams
  • 25:42 The meaning behind the podcast name
  • 26:19 Mitch’s life right out of college
  • 30:11 How Mitch followed God’s clues
  • 40:49 How Mitch generated leads
  • 43:51 What keeps Mitch motivated
  • 49:44 Mitch’s biggest takeaways


Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here

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