Finding the Bright Side (in a bad news world)

Jess Ekstrom Finding the Bright Side

Finding the Bright Side (in a bad news world)

Today my guest is Jess Ekstrom. Jess is the founder and CEO of “Headbands of Hope,” which is a company she started as a junior at North Carolina State University. For every headband Jess sells… a headband is given to a child with cancer. Today, “Headbands of Hope” is in over 2,000 stores across the United States and Canada. Plus, Jess has been featured on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America, as well as in Forbes, Seventeen, Vanity Fair, and People Magazine.

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Jess Ekstrom


Jess will be quick to say her biggest accomplishment has been donating hundreds of thousands of headbands reaching every children’s hospital in the United States and across 15 countries.

Jess has a new book coming out early next month called, “Chasing the Bright Side”  and we talk about that. You’re going to want to grab a copy for yourself… and grab a few for your friends too.

Jess Ekstrom with a patient

Oh… and I have to mention two more things that’ll make you love Jess even more:

ONE… She launched her entrepreneurial endeavors at 12… when she auctioned off all of her toys on eBay.

And… TWO… Jess currently lives in an Airstream with her husband Jake… and their dog Ollie.

Let us know what stood out to you from the interview by leaving a comment below! I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

Quick Episode Summary:

      • 0:02 What to expect today
      • 1:31 Welcome, Jess!
      • 4:38 The beginning of Jess’s entrepreneurial journey
      • 9:00 The power of giving back
      • 10:45 How Jess got branded with no budget
      • 13:35 The biggest struggle Jess had to overcome
      • 18:48 What most entrepreneurs have in common
      • 20:59 Why Jess wrote her book
      • 22:43 Jess’s favorite chapter in her book
      • 25:10 The thing that doesn’t come naturally to Jess
      • 29:00 How to connect with Jess
      • 29:42 Wisdom of the week
      • 31:04 Mitch’s biggest takeaways

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  • Joe W Van Haecke
    Posted at 10:36h, 25 October Reply

    What a great and inspiring interview! Money quote: “failures are not reflection of worth; they’re reflections of growth.”

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