The BIG Dream Gathering


The BIG Dream Gathering isn’t a program… it’s a life-changing experience.

Here’s a taste of a BIG Dream Gathering…

The back story on the BIG Dream Gathering is that in 2006, Mitch’s big dream was on the ropes and he was about to give up.

As a last ditch effort… he decided to start something called a “BIG Dream Gathering.”

Here’s Mitch telling some of the back story…

It was an opportunity for friends to come and write down their BIG dreams and post them on the walls of his family home. Then everyone could read all the dreams and see if they could help with encouragement, connects or time. It was supposed to go for a few hours… but it wound up lasting a full week! And as a result… all sorts of dreams were launched. Everything from helping kids in Africa to a couple of dreamers scoring a contract with NIKE!

These BIG Dream Gatherings have continued and Mitch and his Dream Team have seen this revolution take off with countless dreams reawakened and incredible connections made!

Communities, Colleges, Corporate & Conferences:

Now Mitch facilitates BIG Dream Gatherings in communities, corporations and at conferences.  He also partners with Universities and Colleges to bring the BIG Dream Gatherings to their campuses.  When he does Mitch infuses a sense of unlimited possibility and true collaboration.

Mitch and the BIG Dream Gathering experience helps to:

  • Inspire bigger dreaming and thinking!
  • Encourage everyone to connect and support each other!
  • Reinforce the organization, community and/or university believes in the hopes and the dreams of it’s members/employees/students!
  • Instill a sense of limitless possibility when we work together!

“The BIG Dream Gathering experience is the ultimate team-building, obstacle-busting, and heart-building event! Your organization will never be the same!”

– Dondi Scumaci – Best Selling Author of “Designed for Success” and “Career Moves”

 “Mitch Matthews was a smashing success at our Annual Conference.  His talk about dreaming big had the audience fired up!  Mitch goes beyond motivating, he inspires!

– Jimi Coplen, TMCN Vice President

 “Mitch Matthews is a phenomenal speaker and delivers a message that no one else out there is doing.  Mitch’s BIG Dream Gathering challenged me to think in a way that I hadn’t done since I was a child.  This program is a perfect fit for college campuses!  I know I left the BIG Dream Gathering with more connections, drive and excitement than ever.  It fueled my desire to follow my dreams.”

– Amanda Boleyn – University of Iowa

Participants are inspired to think about their own BIG dreams as well as the BIG dreams of others… whether it’s the people within their organization, their campus or their community.  Next, Mitch provides some real-world tools that will enable them to take action on those dreams and goals… immediately.  Then everyone is set free to fill the walls with their own big dreams as well as connect with the other big dreamers in the room!

What if you’re not sure whether you have a dream?

The power and importance of dreaming big. Strategies for clarifying and
achieving dreams. Powerful and applicable team-building skills. Networking
strategies that even introverts can enjoy

Do you want to inspire your people to:

  • dream and think bigger?
  • network and connect at new levels?
  • go after their goals with a renewed passion?
  • know that you believe in them and that they matter?

Then let’s bring the BIG Dream Gathering to your conference, organization or campus!


Click here for a one-page brochure to bring the BIG Dream Gathering to your campus!

Click here for a one-page brochure for bringing the BIG Dream Gathering to your community, corporation or conference!

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