Some Surprising Things I’ve Learned From 100 Episodes I A Deep Dive with Mitch Matthews

13 Oct Some Surprising Things I’ve Learned From 100 Episodes I A Deep Dive with Mitch Matthews

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, let’s talk about the things I’ve learned from 100 episodes.

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Can you believe it?

It’s the 100th Episode of DREAM THINK DO!

In this episode, I look back on the lessons we’ve learned so far… and talk about some of the surprising truths (and funny stories) that have emerged.

I dig into:

  • The myth of the “blind leap of faith”
  • The specific type of fear that has impacted almost all of my guests… and a specific strategy for overcoming that fear
  • The surprising and inspiring never-before-told story from one of my guests that could have gotten us into a heap of legal trouble
  • How to know when to leave your job to pursue a dream
  • Amazing parenting strategies from someone who almost blew up their house as a kid
  • And a whole lot more…

I wish I could say something about every episode.  All of my guests have left a lasting impression.  From best-selling authors to celebrities to entrepreneurs and people doing really cool stuff… we’ve learned a lot from our guests in 100 episodes.

I hope you enjoy this review of some of my favorite moments as well as some of the most helpful, powerful (and funny) insights!


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