Rob Dionne | The 15 Minute Fitness (& wieght-loss) Solution

25 Oct Rob Dionne | The 15 Minute Fitness (& wieght-loss) Solution

In this episode of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast, Mitch Matthews talks with Rob Dionne, the host of Open Sky Fitness Podcast and a lifestyle and fitness expert based in of LA. He specializes in helping busy people and entrepreneurs get out from behind their desks and carve out a better quality of life for themselves and family. In addition, he also runs marathons, competes in spartan races and bodybuilding. He helps his clients create real-world strategies for weight-loss and fitness that anyone can do regardless of their fitness level.

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Is your exercise equipment collecting dust in your basement because you’re too busy to use it? Or maybe you find yourself sitting behind your desk for 8 hours or more and you simply can’t find time to exercise.  

If you find that you’re just too busy to be healthy, then you’re not alone.

My next DREAM THINK DO podcast guest, Rob Dionne, specializes in working with really busy people and entrepreneurs. He helps them carve out time to have a better quality of life, whether that means finding ways to reduce stress, eat healthier or become more active.

Rob understands where his clients are coming from because he had a season in his own life where he became really out of shape and had to fight to get back to a healthier lifestyle again.

And he’s succeeded. In addition to hosting the Open Sky Fitness podcast, he also runs marathons and competes in spartan races and bodybuilding.  

Providing real-world strategies for weight-loss and fitness is Rob’s passion. He shares small steps in this episode that you can take no matter what your current situation is so that you work toward creating the healthier lifestyle you want.   

In this episode, you will…


  • Learn how creating structure can help busy people become healthier  
  • Hear about why working over 90 minutes increments increases stress
  • Gain insight into how you can become fit in just 15 minutes at a time
  • Learn 9 easy things to do during your break to keep you productive
  • Discover building blocks for creating healthier structure in your day



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