Mitch inspires his audiences to dream and think bigger… and then to innovate, engage and deliver.


Innovation sparks innovation… so Mitch utilizes fun and innovative strategies as he teaches to insure maximum impact!

Powerful Results

Mitch’s strategies are proven and immediately applicable… so the results are fast and powerful!

Sustainable Results

Mitch utilizes creative strategies to make sure the audience can apply and own the strategies and concepts he shares… so the impact is sustainable!

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Why Choose Mitch

Powerful and fun!

If you’re audience is having fun… there is a much greater chance that they will learn! So with Mitch… you will have a powerful experience, learn a lot and laugh along the way too.

Innovative and Implementable

Mitch offers innovative strategies that work in the real world. So your audience can implement what they learn… immediately!

Interactive and Energetic

There are always opportunities for the audience to participate in Mitch’s talks and programs, so they can really own the information being shared! Plus, we’ve been told that you could power a small city off of Mitch’s energy while he’s on stage… so get ready!

Timely and Customized

The strategies Mitch presents are proven and timeless, but he always works with you to find out ways to connect them to your specific situation. So each concept will be timely to what’s happening in your world… and each message will be customized to your audience.

Campus Testimonials

“If you want your campus to be filled with game changers and the Steve Jobs of our generation, you NEED to bring Mitch to your school! He’s incredible!”

Lindsay Palmer

Duquesne University

Corporate Testimonials

“Mitch helped our annual conference audience to think differently, understand that change is a necessary part of our industry and they left inspired!”

Paul Bishop

CEO - Association of Boards of Certification

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